Monday, September 19, 2011

Green Day

This is the 2nd week of new semester..

Last week, there was a bunch of students walking around lecturers' rooms applied subjects manually. Huhu, included me. Toink3. It was a rush week for me.. Students scrambled each other and begging to the lecturers in term to accept them enter their class.

I was hopeless,



and 'energieless' during that week. huhu..

Praying and hoping that He will make my study's journey handy...

Alhamdulillah, now, everything was done..

The green day is coming.. Hoping that I'd able to study well, committed, compete, and struggling. Fighting for dean's list and knowledge..

And, I just got my motivation messages.. Hehe, its inspired me..

The green day will lend me a right way to achieve the aim.. Amin, Oh God please guide me..


note: It was an old time that I didnt improve my english writing. Hence, this post would be lack with any of input and even vocabularies usage.. kui3

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