Thursday, April 28, 2011

Finding the Tranquility

Last 3 days, I went to my friend's house, Teluk Intan, Perak. Adnan, Ahmad and me went to Shuhaimi's house as for 'ziarah' and I took the opportunity to find a peace... We was four, actually there were some could'nt accompany us according to their matters..

We used the chance of gathering with activities together, those help me to earn some meaningful value.. I really appreciate it. Alhamdulillah..


We prayed together, the Imam each switch in every prayer time.. We recited Quran together.. We got breakfast, lunch and dinner together.. Time had been filled to see the beatiful creatures.. We went to Bagan Datoh, the village is much with coconut trees and surrounded by sea.. Subhanallah..

The experiences recovered the burden on my shoulder.. I just want to find the tranquil.. Even though it would'nt solve the burden, but at least, I feel calm.. Alhamdulillah.. Thanks a lot to friends especially Shuhaimi for prepared a house for us sleep for a couple of night. Syukran jazillan.. May Allah blessing you and all your family..


Mistakes Need Forgiveness

Since I realised my self.. Im full with sin.. Ya Allah.. Aku benar-benar lemah... rasa nak pengsan.. Aku benar-benar malu untuk menghadap-Mu kala ini... With tears... I begging You, please forgive me.. Friends, I begging all of you, forgive me...

Aku sangat lemah kala ini... Susahnya nak gambarkan... Maafkan aku..

Monday, April 25, 2011


In Islam, baby will 'bercukur'(actually, I dont know how to express that word in English).. So do same with Amni Syahmina, my cute niece. She already 'bercukur' yesterday. hehe. Below, there have some pictures of her new hair style. kih3.. Even though her appearance looks a slightly different, but she is so so so cute!! Amazing insan.. hehe


Sunday, April 24, 2011


This, picture was painted when I was 19.. Huhu, I've other pictures.. I'll post them later k!.. Actually, I feel my art has improve.. Just see my next drawing ok? hee Please give me support..


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

When She was Born

The day was 17th April 2011, Sunday. A girl had born at Hospital Sg. Buloh.. Hehe, that's my new niece! Alhamdulillah.. Her parents, Abg Hasrul n Kak Aqilah named her, with a beautiful meaning: AMNI SYAHMINA.. It's mean: "knowlegable of  tranquil" or "tenang yang cerdik".. Hehe.. She is really cute.. Trust me, she is so small and smooth.. 

       When she was born, everyone be grateful and happy.. Amni, you make us be fortunate.. Everyone of family really want to see you since your 1st day seeing the world. Welcome to our family, your new usrah.. 

        When she was born, everyone want to watch your face and touch you. Your nose, your eyes, your fingers and your legs, those are small and beautiful.. Your tears breaks the sound of environment.. Even though your cry makes a great noise, but, its so beautiful.. We feel the blessing that you bring along with.. (Terharu bila dengar Amni nangis).. huuu

        When she was born, we, your family love you..

      Yeah! We love you AMNI SYAHMINA! kih3


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Two Weeks

Yeah, I'm home!!
To precise, I've got a holiday for two weeks.. yes, just two weeks.. Then, I'll turn back to IIUM for a good reason... To compare with about more than 3 months I'm not at home, it's still quite not enough! Hence, it's my quality time for people in home. I really miss all of you.. Hehe..

What's the plan for this two weeks? Hm, I still have no idea.. But, the most thing I want to do is: @$^%@*!*^ hahaha it's secret, I wont feel to share that matter. kih3.. ok, I'll continue my writing after this. Just give a break, because I need an ideass!

Note: Actually, I want to post some tazkirah, but I have to prepare for that.. Ok guys..


Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'm your English Doctor!

Ok guys, now, I would like to teach new words which useful when we are speaking with others.. Hehe, those are created by me and friends since we bored studying English. Hahaha

1. Smile Goat = Senyum Kambing

2. Shy Shy Cat = Malu-malu Kucing

3. Easy Heart = Senang Hati

4. What See See?? = Apa Pandang-pandang??

5. Think Cook Cook = Fikir Masak-masak

In brief, English is easy. Am I right? Hahaha, ok, we learn these five for today.. Next time, I'll teach you new vocabs ok? Hehe, practice makes perfect..


What's makes you beautiful?

If people say you are ugly like a shrek,
        they were wrong because Allah says that we are the most beautiful creature in the world.. Amazing rite?

(Shrek!?^%&!) kih kih kih...
If a couple broke up,
         they should not feel so lonely because Allah says, He always beside us.. Does He so lovely?

If you fell sick,
        the best medicine is Allah. He seeks people pleasing to cure them.. He wants to be our doctor.. Does He is over caring?

If you are burdened with problems,
        Allah says, come to me and I will fulfill your wishes.. Thats too much!

Hence, what's makes you so beautiful?
        I said, you are beautiful, because you are Muslim.. Islam makes one beautiful because of the beauty      of Islam itself. The systems it runs, creates people to become beautiful. And women look beautiful because of your aurah closed by clothes. Your hijab shuts you hair.. and I like women with Hijab.. Hehehe

(Anna Althafunnisa') its just an example of million beautiful women =)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Something Art I've Made

Hehe, lately, I opened some of files that I put in the bookcase. Then, I founded some pictures that was made by me. Hehe, so, I starting to paint some other pictures.. Therefore, I feel so pleasure to share some of my arts.. I'll scan and post them in this blog. I hope you guys like it =)


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Boring Nite..

If I text someone and tell him that I’m bored such at this time, he probably will ask me to read Quran.. Hahaha, am I a bad guy? Always forget to remember Him(??) Shuhaimi is beside me while I’m typing this post.. He likes to laugh.. What a boring guy(?)… Seats on my bed and storying his stories.. Hahahaha, sorry Shu, I was kidding(LOL).. People outside, I would like to announce that Shu is still available!! He hopes if there has someone to be accompany him. Hahaha, I hope, if you guys want a friend to message with, just text him. Hahaha : 019 -4022165. So, what are you waiting for? It's free.. Hehehe..  
Ahha! Mana Shuhaimi? Cari sendiri k! Hehe =P

Back to my topic. It’s a boring nite. I can’t sleep although its 3.50 a.m . What’s that mean? Hm, maybe He wants to see me. Ok guys, I think its time to do Qiam. About the number, I just kidding K. Hahaha, a fool joke in the early morning..

Friday, April 1, 2011

At Last, Breathinng freely..

Alhamdulillah.. All praises to Allah.. =) Yeay! I'm free! Yesterday, I didnt take any lunch and even breakfast just because of to be prompt on my tests.. Alhamdulillah, everything ran fine..

Nevertheless, I do undeniable I feel worried waiting the result appeared.. This post is to share how I felt during the examination yesterday :
        Test of EPT(English Placement Test):
The test was at 9.00 a.m at CAC main hall and I started open my step to go there at 8.20 a.m. It's too early.. Actually the venue is not far from my mahallah.. Hahaha, but, [entahla cuak sangat kot(?)]. hehehe... I was so nervous because this test is so important! If I'm not pass the test, I could not enter my kulliyah, and I'll wasting my time just study English for next semester. EPT is compulsory to all IIUM direct intake students. This what makes lot of people quit their study at IIUM and change to other higher centre education.

That day was writing test, divided into reading, writing A(graph analysis), and writing B(essay).. Many people said, the test was so confusing and difficult especially for reading: task 4 and writing B.. I feel the same. Hahaha.. Some of friends had said : "Aku redha kalau masih di CELPAD sem depan"(?) Huhu..

                Bahasa Melayu untuk Perniagaan
Hehe.. If I get 'A' on that test, I will get 4.00 pointer. Wah! (hebat tak). hehe, yelah, this semester I only register that subject.. But, the test also seems to difficult to score.. Many of us give bad emotion after that test.. hahaha..

The rest.. I tawakkal to Allah.. Please give me and all friends pass through all the tests. Amiin.. I've to go.. lunch is waiting for me..

("Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Allahuakbar!!!" Hehe, tahniah Amin, da boleh balik Perak!)