Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mahallah Pre-Reg is very fussy

New test... Today I should pre-registration of Mahallah for next semester... However, there is a barrier, I didnt add any kulliyah subject yet due to my status(PRSS).. Hahaha reader may dont understand what Im talking about, because this is IIUM system...  Therefore, I couldnt register Mahallah until the result of EPT(English Placement Test) is appeared.. Then, perhaps, no short sem this year.. Aduh.... All friends are already pre-registration their Mahallah.. But me... Huhu  Patience is part of Iman..


  1. Patience, not part of iman

  2. Fassy tu ape? never have i heard of that word.
    or you meant 'fussy'?

    maaf org bahasa sensitif skit :)

  3. haih... what ever.. Thanks for reprimandation =)
    after this, i'll look after my grammar thoroughly.. TQ