Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dont cry because He LOVES Us, Always

I dont know... I realised that I'm not such an ideal guy to give a tazkirah or ceramah... As a humanbeing, we do mistakes, and by them, we gain knowledges and experiences.. Thus, we love to share things that we've faced for as a guidance to others to never do the same mistake as what we did...

First and foremost.... If you are sick because of love... You would so painful inside your heart... Me too... Huuu

Everybody has their lovers... And me also had this, but already lost it.. At first, just Allah knows to describe the pain how I feel.. Alhamdulillah.. Allah is besides me. Every day, at least 5 times, I'll meet Him, pray, and appeal His blessing into my life.. I read books relate about LOVE IN ISLAM.. The books replied a million of benefial advices eventhough it's cover is so simple in black and white(dont jugde a book by it's cover).. Many people took an easy way to fulfill their desire on love.(Haha it's including me).. Coupling is beautiful. Even I personally agreed with that statement.. But the beautiful is not immortal... Whenever you broke up, the beauty becomes the beast.. Everything will be darkness and girls are seem so cruel!!! Am I true?? Yes, its normal man! I've felt it.. Huu.. But, Allah said in Quran : Anytime He will be besides you.. Wow! Is that fantatastic verse?? Really, We would never ever could find any girlfriend or boyfriend, can accompanies us at all the time.. Thus, I put my trust to Him. I will look after my love with Him, and I'm confident He will give me a good one as the reward( Hehehe)..

Secondly, people had asking me about the verse of An-Nur : Which is : "perempuan-perempuan yang keji untuk lelaki-lelaki yang keji, laki-laki yang keji untuk perempuan yang keji(pula), sedangkan perempuan-perempuan yang baik untuk laki-laki yang baik, dan laki-laki yang baik untuk perempuan-perempuan yang baik....." (Annur: 26...
They asked me, how if a person who is so kind and obey with Islam,but get married with a lack wife.. Is the verse of Quran was wrong?? Huhu No way, Quran is never lying and even wrong. Quran is words by Allah to the Prophet Muhammad SAW.. We should tadabbur the verse first.. I've heard a Ceramah by some ustaz, discussing such like this topic..
 Ustaz 'X' answered: If you get a lack wife, you should assess yourself first.. Maybe, your past time, you are not so good and had involve with bad deeds.. You need to remember that Allah is omniscient. Get Istighfar and do Taubah.. In addition, this is your responsibility to look after your wife.. You are the leader of family, need to run the organisation fairly and thoroughly.. Allah never put burden to a person that he couldnt sustain it... If this possible happen to me, I will use this opportunity to change my wife.. We already know, to enter the heaven needs a million of sacrifices. I appreciate and thankful if I'd given a chance to get marry.. No matter who she is and even her background, I dont so care, because I know Allah will send me the best..

In a relationship of husband and wife. Both need to change to be better... Wife is the shoulder of husband.. If the husband stuck with barriers, the wife is the helper.. Oh, so sweet.. (hehe)

Again, I would like to stress that, if I was falling in love again, I'll give my best entire of my self.. I'd accept
her weakness and together with her, find blessing of Allah.. But before that, everything is depend by Allah.. I put the rest on Him.. Therefore, Dont cry because He LOVES Us, Always..



  1. sy pernah dgr all of your steatment...:) thanks:)

  2. haha..don't give up Allah..Allah will trust u anytime..

  3. er, hehehe, sengaja ulang semula dalam blog. hehe

  4. syukran kak, inshaAllah, we know that Allah is hearing our heart wishes... I trust Him. amiin