Monday, March 28, 2011

Money is the Most Important Thing in Life

That was my speaking test topic =) Alhamdulillah I feel that I could pass the speaking test.. The test runned quite smooth. I was the 1st speaker and be the chief of the conversation.. The rest, I put tawakkal to Him.. I really hope, me and friends get through the exam well and pass the tests. InshaAllah =)

Note: To all friends, Good luck! And never say never! Dont give up! =)


  1. salam.. sronok lar dpt tajuk 2.. sbb yna tgok kat blog nie, hampir tiap hari ammar citer pasal money:) sure lulus punye lar:)

  2. ke tajuk yg rahsia sgt tu...hehe

  3. gudluck 4 ur final..all the best to you.

  4. >>Hehe, tajuk ni pun ok la jgk senang.. amiin, thanks

    >>rahsia(?) Huhu..

    >>Syukran, all the best too..

    >> =)