Sunday, May 29, 2011


"Dan di antara tanda-tanda (kebesaran)-Nya ialah Dia menciptakan pasangan-pasangan untukmu dari jenismu sendiri,agar kamu cenderung dan merasa tenteram kepadanya, dan Dia menjadikan di antaramu rasa kasih dan sayang. Sungguh,pada yang demikian itu benar-benar terdapat tanda-tanda (kebesaran Allah) bagi kaum yang berfikir." (surah Ar-Rum:21)

Love the Smell

2 days ago, I went back to my original home. Huhu,Perak is full with memories. The smell of home is missed The entire of siblings gathering in a house since we are kid, it reminded me to the past. Huhu..

Eventhough its just 2 days, I still exhausted with time to be gathered with them. Ummi and others are so special, so that makes the home smell with beautiful memories.

The home is so great. I fell, cry, sick, and bless with love in that house.Huhu.

All of you will be in my du'a. amiin. Thanks every body. May Allah bless you.


Monday, May 23, 2011

Tiga Hati


Sudah lama rasanya Amin tak mengeksprasi rasa hati menggunakan BM dalam blog ni. Hu. Kali ini, Likes Sharing(LK) ingin berkongsi kepada para pembaca soal hati. Tetapi ia berkaitan dengan tiga hati, iaitu tiga jenis hati.

Ibnu Qayyim Al-Jauzi, seorang ilmuan Islam yang tersohor ada menyatakan manusia ini mempunyai hati, yang mana terdiri daripada 3 jenis hati. Tiga jenis hati yang dimaksudkan ialah hati yang hidup, hati yang sakit, dan hati yang mati.

LK ingin berkongsi kepada para pembaca satu analogi berkaitan dengan fakta yang telah diperkatakan oleh Ibnu Qayyim tersebut:


  1. Terdapat 3 jenis gelas, di dalamnya mengandungi 3 jenis air minuman, iaitu air mineral, air teh, dan kopi.
  2. Masukkan sudu besi ke dalam gelas-gelas yang berisi air tersebut.
  3. Kelihatan gelas berisi air mineral membolehkan sudu terlihat dengan sangat jelas berbanding dengan sudu di dalam air teh yang mana terlihat kurang jelas. Namun, apabila sudu dimasukkan ke dalam gelas berisi kopi, ternyata sudu langsung tidak kelihatan.

Petunjuk Analogi :
  • 3 jenis air tadi iaitu air mineral merujuk kepada hati yang hidup, manakala air teh merujuk kepada hati yang sakit, dan kopi pula merujuk kepada hati yang mati.
  • Sudu pula merujuk kepada dosa.
Maksud Analogi :

Rasanya, pembaca sudah boleh mentafsir sendiri maksud analogi ini bukan? Hm, baguslah jika begitu. Ok, maksud yang ingin disampaikan berdasarkan analogi tersebut adalah merujuk jenis-jenis hati yang ada pada setiap insan.

Air mineral akan menampakkan sudu dengan jelas. Analogi ini bermaksud jika seseorang insan itu mempunyai hati yang hidup, dia akan menyedari dengan pantas andainya dia telah melakukan dosa. Oleh yang demikian, dengan segera dia pantas beristighfar dan bertaubat atas dosa yang telah dilakukannya itu. Dia menyesali atas perbuatannya itu dan bertekad tidak akan melakukan dosa tesebut semula.

Manakala, air teh pula menampakkan sudu dalam keadaan yang kabur dan samar-samar. Analogi ini pula bermaksud jika seseorang itu mempunyai hati yang sakit, dia dapat berasa yang dia telah melakukan sesuatu yang berdosa,dia sedar dia telah melakukan dosa. Namun, dia melambatkan taubat ataupun mengendahkan dosa yang telah dilakukannya itu. Insan seperti ini sungguh kasihan dan berada dalam keadaan yang kritikal kerana hatinya boleh berubah ke arah hati yang mati. Seharusnya ada murabbi yang perlu membimbingnya.

Terakhirnya, air kopi pula langsung menenggelamkan kehadiran sudu, sehingga sudu langsung tidak kelihatan didalamnya. Analogi ini bermaksud seseorang yang mempunyai hati mati. Na'uzubillah.. Insan berhati mati tidak berasa langsung yang dia telah melakukan dosa, bahkan dia berasa puas dengan dosa yang telah dilakukannya itu. Apa yang lebih teruk, insan ini mendorong insan-insan yang lain untuk melakukan dosa juga. Na'uzubillah.. Oleh yang demikian, hidupnya terus larut dengan duniawi dan mengejar kenikmatan materialistik..

Para pembaca yang dikasihi LK, ayuh kita bersama-sama muhasabah diri. Kenalilah hati kita, adakah hati kita sedang hidup? atau sakit? Moga-moga tidak pula mati. Na'uzubillah..

Ketahuilah, seorang mukmin, apabila dia telah melakukan dosa, dia berasa bagaikan gunung-gunung datang menghempap dirinya, manakala seorang yang fasik apabila melakukan dosa, dia berasa bagaikan lalat yang sedang menggihap ke dihidungnya, lalu dia menguis tanganya untuk menghalau lalat itu. 

Beristighfarlah selalu, moga-moga kita senantiasa mengingati Allah. Ingat Allah, pasti takut untuk membuat onar dosa. Astaghfirullah..

Sesungguhnya apa yang amin sampaikan ini adalah teguran untuk diri amin sendiri, terus dikongsi para pembaca. Semoga tazkirah ringkas ini dapat membuka ruang hidayah untuk kita kembali kepada ajaran Islam yang syumul. amiin.. Wallahu'alam..

~Credit to Murabbi for giving to many advices: Akhi Hamidi, may Allah guide us. amiin.~

TQ, Ws.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

She is So Amazing

This woman is stronger than 8 human being. Why? 
Because She could raise 8 children without complaining.

She is the best cook ever. Why?
Because she can cook everything deliciously to her children.

She is the beautiful. Why?
Because she gives birth 8 handsome and beautiful children.

She is very busy. Why?
In her day, she will keep our home, house chores always done by her solely, food is prepared by her, and teaching villagers Quran and Kitab.

While her night is colored with Qiamullail and Quranic recitation. Her tears never dry out in her prayer.

She is so amazing. Why?
Because I will not type this post without her. There are so many sacrifies and kindness she had give to her children. Education and love both are immeasurably.

She is HJH SARAH BINTI HJ ZAKARIA. My beloved ummi.. I love you Ummi..


Turn Away From Hidayah?

My friend had asked me when I share a tazkirah with him about the Rahmah and Hidayah. I've told him, "dont ever let the Hidayah turn away from you once you got it."

He kindly asked me, "How do you know that you've got the Hidayah?"

That time, I just bowed and felt ashame with myself. I replied to him. The past came appear in mind suddenly. Huhu
"When I was school in SMKA, the life was different with other teenagers outside. The sweet of Iman is unforgettable. Living in the tarbiyyah life. You would feel something's going to be wrong if once you didnt pray in jemaah, didnt reciting the Quran, and the tarbiyyah teachs you to have to look after with your attitudes; respecting people and always thinking the hereafter. Plus, the sunnah of Rasulullah is committed into the lifestyle. You would never forget that moment"

People, as for illustration, we are referring to a pendrive. A pendrive 2G with price RM18.00. When the pendrive is good and clean without virus, the owner will take care of it. However, when ever the pendrive derived viruses and give effect to the input files, hence, the owner would throw it to the bin.

This analogy is explaining how human being will assessed by The Almighty: Allah SWT. The value of pendrive is inexpensive, means that we as human comes from the ground and dirty. But, Allah itself raises our level among other creatures. But, we are forgettable, the promises with Him previously to worship on the world always undone. The viruses are referring to our sins, which mean, if we are full with sin, we are no longer useful. Because the intention of our created is to worship to Him. So, when the day of real judgement in the hereafter, man who has full of sins lists, Allah will throw him to the hell.. Nauzubillah.. I'm so sorry if my words are impolitely.

~Mari kita muhasabah diri kita semula, sama ada kita hari ini sudah mengerjakan amalan ibadah wajib atau belum? Sudah ditambah dengan amalan-amalan sunnah atau belum?~

As a guidance, I want to share a tips for us to always remember to perform worship. It's called as "Muta'abah Ibadah".


Friday, May 6, 2011

Selling Knowledge?

This is a simple tazkirah I just got it during walking to the mosque before Asar prayer. I've met akhi Fikri, my senior of Nasyeed Club. We just talking about our update activities.

Now, Akhi Fikri is working for part time teaching people reciting Quran. Subhanallah, May Allah bless you. I'm admire with him. He teachs people who are older than him. They themselve have much mannerism, those sometimes make Akhi Fikri got complicated. Huhu. He had sacrifice much money and energy. Taking public transport to go to the place of his need to teach. Every 3 days a week.

Then, I ask him, the payment he get by his job. He said, the payment is around RM300 per month. "Wah, banyak juga tu." That's what had I answered him.

"Hm, tak sangka, dengan ilmu pn kita boleh berbisnes, jual ilmu." Ops! That's my mistake of understanding.

Akhi Fikri reproved. "Kita yang mengajar ilmu, tak pernah menjual ilmu, kerana ilmu Allah yang punya! Dan bayaran yang kita dapat adalah servis yang kita beri dalam menyampaikan ilmu." 

Wor, it's painful. Huhu, but, that was my mistake, talking without thinking literally and I must be adviced by him. Astaghfirullah. He had tazkirah me as a sharing knowledge. Syukran jazillan ya akhi for a short tazkirah.

~~@ The lesson : Everything we do, need to be sincered for Allah. Thus, we'll gain the barakah and rahmah by Him, inshaAllah. Then, I went to the mosque by put a "niyyat Lillah Ta'ala." Hence, please get correct your intention of worshipping.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Result

Some had ask me about the result of my English Placement Test (EPT).

So, I'd share the result. This is nothing for me to show off and feel proud of it. I just want to share things make me feel happy to share with..

Writing    : Band 5.5
Reading   : Band 7
Speaking : Band 6.5
Total       : Band  6.5

Hence, I passed the test. Alhamdulillah!


To be Thankful

I'm not done with this feeling : happy. I always grateful to Allah. He heard my du'a'.

All my friends and me get passed the EPT. Alhamdulillah! Allahuakbar! Every day, I pray to Him, asking Him, please make we pass the EPT. Alhamdulillah. It was accepted by The Almighty! Allahuakbar!

Now, I'm acceptable to study in kulliyah subject! Alhamdulillah..

InshaAllah, I will take short semester this year to make the year of study becomes short. I must be focus on study. Eventhough, I realised, there will be many attractions that would down my intention of study. That's why, I will busy myself with finding the Rahmah of Allah if I have a leisure. Of course, with my new job, I'd make the mosque as my second home. And I love it. Love to live like this. Just, I wish this is not for temperary, but continuosly. InshaAllah, Amiin..

~Dont ever let the Hidayah and Rahmah turn away whenever you got it, So be thankful and keep your iman increasing, inshaAllah~


Acting Normal

Its kind of weird, when your eyes and nose, both are getting red. Then, the tears flowing down slowly wetting the face. People realised your lies. But, you act like nothing happen ; acting normal, walking around of thousand people watching you...

The tears come out without the intention. When you think of 'it', the tears will come automatically. If you know the switch, you'd put it off.. Because its so embarrassing.

When the night comes, your eyes would reddish. It always happen lately. Thinking of people assuming yourself as a good guy. They were wrong. When the time comes: The hereafter, all of them will see your past. All of them might be shock with you!!

But, how can you remove the book of your sins. The past can't be rewind, and every day the books get double. Nauzubillah, astaghfirullah.. But, people keep thinking you are a good guy. Its good when everybody saying your goodness, it's part of ad-do'a.

But, yourself keep haunted by the past ; Unstoppable regret.

You know yourself. You know how much your worships, but you will never how much your reward and the way of Allah assessing you. Hence, the heaven is not assured for you, while the hell always getting hot seeing your mistakes. Astaghfirullah..

~Maybe You are not the best for her. I dont know, how's The Almighty arranging the partner of marriage. We pray for the best~

Annur : 26, please believe on this fantastic word. It's one of gift by Allah for humanbeing realising their status.