Thursday, May 5, 2011

To be Thankful

I'm not done with this feeling : happy. I always grateful to Allah. He heard my du'a'.

All my friends and me get passed the EPT. Alhamdulillah! Allahuakbar! Every day, I pray to Him, asking Him, please make we pass the EPT. Alhamdulillah. It was accepted by The Almighty! Allahuakbar!

Now, I'm acceptable to study in kulliyah subject! Alhamdulillah..

InshaAllah, I will take short semester this year to make the year of study becomes short. I must be focus on study. Eventhough, I realised, there will be many attractions that would down my intention of study. That's why, I will busy myself with finding the Rahmah of Allah if I have a leisure. Of course, with my new job, I'd make the mosque as my second home. And I love it. Love to live like this. Just, I wish this is not for temperary, but continuosly. InshaAllah, Amiin..

~Dont ever let the Hidayah and Rahmah turn away whenever you got it, So be thankful and keep your iman increasing, inshaAllah~


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