Sunday, May 15, 2011

She is So Amazing

This woman is stronger than 8 human being. Why? 
Because She could raise 8 children without complaining.

She is the best cook ever. Why?
Because she can cook everything deliciously to her children.

She is the beautiful. Why?
Because she gives birth 8 handsome and beautiful children.

She is very busy. Why?
In her day, she will keep our home, house chores always done by her solely, food is prepared by her, and teaching villagers Quran and Kitab.

While her night is colored with Qiamullail and Quranic recitation. Her tears never dry out in her prayer.

She is so amazing. Why?
Because I will not type this post without her. There are so many sacrifies and kindness she had give to her children. Education and love both are immeasurably.

She is HJH SARAH BINTI HJ ZAKARIA. My beloved ummi.. I love you Ummi..


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