Sunday, April 10, 2011

What's makes you beautiful?

If people say you are ugly like a shrek,
        they were wrong because Allah says that we are the most beautiful creature in the world.. Amazing rite?

(Shrek!?^%&!) kih kih kih...
If a couple broke up,
         they should not feel so lonely because Allah says, He always beside us.. Does He so lovely?

If you fell sick,
        the best medicine is Allah. He seeks people pleasing to cure them.. He wants to be our doctor.. Does He is over caring?

If you are burdened with problems,
        Allah says, come to me and I will fulfill your wishes.. Thats too much!

Hence, what's makes you so beautiful?
        I said, you are beautiful, because you are Muslim.. Islam makes one beautiful because of the beauty      of Islam itself. The systems it runs, creates people to become beautiful. And women look beautiful because of your aurah closed by clothes. Your hijab shuts you hair.. and I like women with Hijab.. Hehehe

(Anna Althafunnisa') its just an example of million beautiful women =)


  1. Being beautiful in Allah's eye is more important..

  2. Yes, Allah is always see his slaves beautiful except who turn away from Him.. But, you should know that we are beautiful because of Islam.. It ensures our life systematic.. Everything is beautiful.. Therefore, we must be proud 2 be Muslimun wa Mu'minun.. And again, beautiful is something subjective. Although you are fat Najwa, you still could be beautiful. hahaha Appreciate it k! =)

  3. beautiful is subjective.. if u think that fat is beautiful natural art, its up to you.. hehehe =)