Wednesday, April 20, 2011

When She was Born

The day was 17th April 2011, Sunday. A girl had born at Hospital Sg. Buloh.. Hehe, that's my new niece! Alhamdulillah.. Her parents, Abg Hasrul n Kak Aqilah named her, with a beautiful meaning: AMNI SYAHMINA.. It's mean: "knowlegable of  tranquil" or "tenang yang cerdik".. Hehe.. She is really cute.. Trust me, she is so small and smooth.. 

       When she was born, everyone be grateful and happy.. Amni, you make us be fortunate.. Everyone of family really want to see you since your 1st day seeing the world. Welcome to our family, your new usrah.. 

        When she was born, everyone want to watch your face and touch you. Your nose, your eyes, your fingers and your legs, those are small and beautiful.. Your tears breaks the sound of environment.. Even though your cry makes a great noise, but, its so beautiful.. We feel the blessing that you bring along with.. (Terharu bila dengar Amni nangis).. huuu

        When she was born, we, your family love you..

      Yeah! We love you AMNI SYAHMINA! kih3



  1. speechless sb pe? sebab Amni Syahmina or sb post ni? hehe gurau je.. I also speechless

  2. Sebab Auni, eh Amni comel sangat.. baru je pegang newborn baby haritu..perasaan yang xleh digambarkan, sgt mendamaikan