Saturday, April 2, 2011

Boring Nite..

If I text someone and tell him that I’m bored such at this time, he probably will ask me to read Quran.. Hahaha, am I a bad guy? Always forget to remember Him(??) Shuhaimi is beside me while I’m typing this post.. He likes to laugh.. What a boring guy(?)… Seats on my bed and storying his stories.. Hahahaha, sorry Shu, I was kidding(LOL).. People outside, I would like to announce that Shu is still available!! He hopes if there has someone to be accompany him. Hahaha, I hope, if you guys want a friend to message with, just text him. Hahaha : 019 -4022165. So, what are you waiting for? It's free.. Hehehe..  
Ahha! Mana Shuhaimi? Cari sendiri k! Hehe =P

Back to my topic. It’s a boring nite. I can’t sleep although its 3.50 a.m . What’s that mean? Hm, maybe He wants to see me. Ok guys, I think its time to do Qiam. About the number, I just kidding K. Hahaha, a fool joke in the early morning..