Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'm your English Doctor!

Ok guys, now, I would like to teach new words which useful when we are speaking with others.. Hehe, those are created by me and friends since we bored studying English. Hahaha

1. Smile Goat = Senyum Kambing

2. Shy Shy Cat = Malu-malu Kucing

3. Easy Heart = Senang Hati

4. What See See?? = Apa Pandang-pandang??

5. Think Cook Cook = Fikir Masak-masak

In brief, English is easy. Am I right? Hahaha, ok, we learn these five for today.. Next time, I'll teach you new vocabs ok? Hehe, practice makes perfect..



  1. weh jangan rosakkan bahasa!! ish2

  2. Its a joke.. People need some fun.. Even Rasulullah (P.O.H) also loves to joke.. Dont take so serious k. I know you are English Lit student in USM.. =)