Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Two Weeks

Yeah, I'm home!!
To precise, I've got a holiday for two weeks.. yes, just two weeks.. Then, I'll turn back to IIUM for a good reason... To compare with about more than 3 months I'm not at home, it's still quite not enough! Hence, it's my quality time for people in home. I really miss all of you.. Hehe..

What's the plan for this two weeks? Hm, I still have no idea.. But, the most thing I want to do is: @$^%@*!*^ hahaha it's secret, I wont feel to share that matter. kih3.. ok, I'll continue my writing after this. Just give a break, because I need an ideass!

Note: Actually, I want to post some tazkirah, but I have to prepare for that.. Ok guys..



  1. because I have a job at IIUM.. They jz give me 2 weeks for break... huu