Friday, April 1, 2011

At Last, Breathinng freely..

Alhamdulillah.. All praises to Allah.. =) Yeay! I'm free! Yesterday, I didnt take any lunch and even breakfast just because of to be prompt on my tests.. Alhamdulillah, everything ran fine..

Nevertheless, I do undeniable I feel worried waiting the result appeared.. This post is to share how I felt during the examination yesterday :
        Test of EPT(English Placement Test):
The test was at 9.00 a.m at CAC main hall and I started open my step to go there at 8.20 a.m. It's too early.. Actually the venue is not far from my mahallah.. Hahaha, but, [entahla cuak sangat kot(?)]. hehehe... I was so nervous because this test is so important! If I'm not pass the test, I could not enter my kulliyah, and I'll wasting my time just study English for next semester. EPT is compulsory to all IIUM direct intake students. This what makes lot of people quit their study at IIUM and change to other higher centre education.

That day was writing test, divided into reading, writing A(graph analysis), and writing B(essay).. Many people said, the test was so confusing and difficult especially for reading: task 4 and writing B.. I feel the same. Hahaha.. Some of friends had said : "Aku redha kalau masih di CELPAD sem depan"(?) Huhu..

                Bahasa Melayu untuk Perniagaan
Hehe.. If I get 'A' on that test, I will get 4.00 pointer. Wah! (hebat tak). hehe, yelah, this semester I only register that subject.. But, the test also seems to difficult to score.. Many of us give bad emotion after that test.. hahaha..

The rest.. I tawakkal to Allah.. Please give me and all friends pass through all the tests. Amiin.. I've to go.. lunch is waiting for me..

("Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Allahuakbar!!!" Hehe, tahniah Amin, da boleh balik Perak!)


  1. Congrats. All the best. Hopefully you're not in CELPAD again next semester.

    Past tense of 'run' is 'ran', not 'runned'.
    its 'undeniably' not 'undeniable', to suit the sentence.

    -Me, your annoying english teacher.

  2. syukran.. good luck to you too.. amiin..

  3. hehe..i'm shy to write in your blog, just because my English is not well..huhu, whatever, just want to express (so sad), xmerdeka lagi..huhu.

  4. Hehe, my English is not as good as you. Kak are already study in kuliyyah. Therefore, you shouldnt be shy using English. Hehehe. Just want to say : "Sabar jela, banyak2 selawat" hehe, gud luck exam =) amiin