Monday, March 28, 2011

Money is the Most Important Thing in Life

That was my speaking test topic =) Alhamdulillah I feel that I could pass the speaking test.. The test runned quite smooth. I was the 1st speaker and be the chief of the conversation.. The rest, I put tawakkal to Him.. I really hope, me and friends get through the exam well and pass the tests. InshaAllah =)

Note: To all friends, Good luck! And never say never! Dont give up! =)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Money Lacking

Now, we are in the end of University semester.. Probably, in this period, there are many students facing this obstacle: expenses burden.. PTPTN loan is going exhausted.. Therefore, many of us need to beware of life cost. Students realised that they should stop eating Chicken Chop every nite. Hahaha.. (Tulaa, dulu taknak jimat-cermat). Luckily, Im taking a job: selling Waffle at HS cafe, to earn revenue as money backup. Hahaha.. This could help me sustaining live at IIUM because money is necessary to pay almost of things.

Living away from family ask me to be independent. I try to stop applying money from family.. That's why, I push myself to find it by selling waffle with friends almost every night at HS cafe. Alhamdulillah, even though the salary is not too high, I appreciate it and I realised the painfulness of parents to gain revenue for family sustaining.. So, by this, I'll beware of my expenses.. However, lately, I faced the same problem. It's a long story and I dont think so its necessary to be shared. Huhu. Then, that was the first time I ever asking Ummi money. Huu, What a shame...

Now, there are just few weeks left before I finish my semester. Hahaha, hopefully I could adapt myself with eating Maggi and Ruski every lunch. Furthermore, recently, these I feel so delicious to be my significant dish. (Hahaha, saje nak sedapkan hati).. It's fine.. This is the drawback of money over usages. Huhu Thus, the moral value of this post is, If you dont want to end up your semester by eating Ruski every day, please be sure you are saving your expenses.. ok?
("Ruski diperkayakan dengan Nutrien" is written on its cover, so that's mean, it is good for health.. Hahaha)

In the nutshell, money is not just a printed paper, but it has its value.. So, students who are studying with using PTPTN loan should be watch with their expenses.. Thus, by the awareness, students would have a tranquility of life throughout the semester period because they probably dont face this barrier.. That's all..


Friday, March 25, 2011

So Romantic

When you say "No one really loves me"

              God tells you "I love you"....

**I'm jealousing His love. Meaningful saying..

Exam is just around the corner

Day after day, time replaces itself, the examinations are approaching us.. As a 'lazy' student, I started to wake up.. This is the last week of all classes to run... Every one pleasing the bless to their lectures today.. Me too.. Hehe.. I just met with a friend passing by while Im busy typing this post, he was from arabic test.. Huhu, it really puts me into chaostic... I myself feel not so ready to take the tests.. Hahaha, now Im struggling, open exercise books and some references.. Next Tuesday, I'll have a test..

And now, there are so many people in library.. Studying for their final tests.. So do I.. Actually, blogging is also part of my exercise studying English.. Therefore, I have my reason to online. Hahaha. TQ

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mahallah Pre-Reg is very fussy

New test... Today I should pre-registration of Mahallah for next semester... However, there is a barrier, I didnt add any kulliyah subject yet due to my status(PRSS).. Hahaha reader may dont understand what Im talking about, because this is IIUM system...  Therefore, I couldnt register Mahallah until the result of EPT(English Placement Test) is appeared.. Then, perhaps, no short sem this year.. Aduh.... All friends are already pre-registration their Mahallah.. But me... Huhu  Patience is part of Iman..

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rasulullah saw pernah bersabda, ertinya: "Sesiapa yang merasa gembira apabila ia melakukan amal baik dan merasa buruk dengan perlakuan dosanya, itulah ciri Mukmin sejati " (riwayat At-Tirmizi)

Speaking Test TOPIC??

Last week, I've a speaking test for my Mid Sem examination.. Of course I like to speak.. But the topic given was so so interesting(?) Haha.. :

The first expression was "blank".. I really dont know how to stand for both either. Hahaha.. Then, I chosed to stick with the statement and fight for women right! Yes.. The speaking test ran quite fun and enjoyful..

The end of test, I concluded that women are very necessary to be into men's live.. There are so much things people should respect and love this gender.. Nevertheless, for me personally feel that " Women cannot survive without MEN."  Hahahaha.. 

Am I Changing??

Recently, I've got messages by people I respect so.. The contents written that I'm changing... I dont know whether I'm turning to bad or good.. It's influencing.... Nevertheless TQ for the reprimand....

Note: Every day, I never miss to pray the blessing for ummah.. I never want turning to be bad.. =)

Dont cry because He LOVES Us, Always

I dont know... I realised that I'm not such an ideal guy to give a tazkirah or ceramah... As a humanbeing, we do mistakes, and by them, we gain knowledges and experiences.. Thus, we love to share things that we've faced for as a guidance to others to never do the same mistake as what we did...

First and foremost.... If you are sick because of love... You would so painful inside your heart... Me too... Huuu

Everybody has their lovers... And me also had this, but already lost it.. At first, just Allah knows to describe the pain how I feel.. Alhamdulillah.. Allah is besides me. Every day, at least 5 times, I'll meet Him, pray, and appeal His blessing into my life.. I read books relate about LOVE IN ISLAM.. The books replied a million of benefial advices eventhough it's cover is so simple in black and white(dont jugde a book by it's cover).. Many people took an easy way to fulfill their desire on love.(Haha it's including me).. Coupling is beautiful. Even I personally agreed with that statement.. But the beautiful is not immortal... Whenever you broke up, the beauty becomes the beast.. Everything will be darkness and girls are seem so cruel!!! Am I true?? Yes, its normal man! I've felt it.. Huu.. But, Allah said in Quran : Anytime He will be besides you.. Wow! Is that fantatastic verse?? Really, We would never ever could find any girlfriend or boyfriend, can accompanies us at all the time.. Thus, I put my trust to Him. I will look after my love with Him, and I'm confident He will give me a good one as the reward( Hehehe)..

Secondly, people had asking me about the verse of An-Nur : Which is : "perempuan-perempuan yang keji untuk lelaki-lelaki yang keji, laki-laki yang keji untuk perempuan yang keji(pula), sedangkan perempuan-perempuan yang baik untuk laki-laki yang baik, dan laki-laki yang baik untuk perempuan-perempuan yang baik....." (Annur: 26...
They asked me, how if a person who is so kind and obey with Islam,but get married with a lack wife.. Is the verse of Quran was wrong?? Huhu No way, Quran is never lying and even wrong. Quran is words by Allah to the Prophet Muhammad SAW.. We should tadabbur the verse first.. I've heard a Ceramah by some ustaz, discussing such like this topic..
 Ustaz 'X' answered: If you get a lack wife, you should assess yourself first.. Maybe, your past time, you are not so good and had involve with bad deeds.. You need to remember that Allah is omniscient. Get Istighfar and do Taubah.. In addition, this is your responsibility to look after your wife.. You are the leader of family, need to run the organisation fairly and thoroughly.. Allah never put burden to a person that he couldnt sustain it... If this possible happen to me, I will use this opportunity to change my wife.. We already know, to enter the heaven needs a million of sacrifices. I appreciate and thankful if I'd given a chance to get marry.. No matter who she is and even her background, I dont so care, because I know Allah will send me the best..

In a relationship of husband and wife. Both need to change to be better... Wife is the shoulder of husband.. If the husband stuck with barriers, the wife is the helper.. Oh, so sweet.. (hehe)

Again, I would like to stress that, if I was falling in love again, I'll give my best entire of my self.. I'd accept
her weakness and together with her, find blessing of Allah.. But before that, everything is depend by Allah.. I put the rest on Him.. Therefore, Dont cry because He LOVES Us, Always..


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cari Duit?

Sebagai ahli exco ekonomi Nasyeed Club, untuk cari dana nasyeed, ak mencari alternatif untuk jual button badge. Jadi, agak bertungkus-lumus juga nak siapkan 'design' button ni.. Bajet pun da lari. Total kos lebih kurang RM220(?) Pelik, macam mana la boleh habis sampai banyak tu. Hm, order button kuantiti 100 unit. Sudah dijual, dan mendapat sambutan positif daripada sahabat IIAM. Thanks guys. hehe Unfortunately, the cost was sustained by me, and I'm waiting for claiming. hehe Therefore, Im burdened with money. Dont have money. Maluunya lepas tu bagitau ummi duit dah nak habis... Ya Allah, aku betul-betul malu minta duit pada ummi.. huhu, Ak akan pastikan masalah duit tidak akan berlaku lepas ni. Terima kasih ummi.. hehe, you are my best woman throughout my life! Now, I have claim my money from Nasyeed Club. But, they said, S Dev( Student Development of IIUM ) didnt give any provisions and they still holding it.. Huu, sedih.. Tapi, redha ajela. Allah tu Maha Adil, mesti ada kebaikan disebalik kesulitan.. Allah suka menguji hamba-Nya, dan hamba yang tabah akan disayangi-Nya.. inshaAllah..

Overall, ada dua design button yang ak suka sangat. Hm, tapi tak sure pula apa kata orang yang memerhati. Kerana itu, di bawah ada picture dua button tersebut. hm... Am I talented? heee