Sunday, March 27, 2011

Money Lacking

Now, we are in the end of University semester.. Probably, in this period, there are many students facing this obstacle: expenses burden.. PTPTN loan is going exhausted.. Therefore, many of us need to beware of life cost. Students realised that they should stop eating Chicken Chop every nite. Hahaha.. (Tulaa, dulu taknak jimat-cermat). Luckily, Im taking a job: selling Waffle at HS cafe, to earn revenue as money backup. Hahaha.. This could help me sustaining live at IIUM because money is necessary to pay almost of things.

Living away from family ask me to be independent. I try to stop applying money from family.. That's why, I push myself to find it by selling waffle with friends almost every night at HS cafe. Alhamdulillah, even though the salary is not too high, I appreciate it and I realised the painfulness of parents to gain revenue for family sustaining.. So, by this, I'll beware of my expenses.. However, lately, I faced the same problem. It's a long story and I dont think so its necessary to be shared. Huhu. Then, that was the first time I ever asking Ummi money. Huu, What a shame...

Now, there are just few weeks left before I finish my semester. Hahaha, hopefully I could adapt myself with eating Maggi and Ruski every lunch. Furthermore, recently, these I feel so delicious to be my significant dish. (Hahaha, saje nak sedapkan hati).. It's fine.. This is the drawback of money over usages. Huhu Thus, the moral value of this post is, If you dont want to end up your semester by eating Ruski every day, please be sure you are saving your expenses.. ok?
("Ruski diperkayakan dengan Nutrien" is written on its cover, so that's mean, it is good for health.. Hahaha)

In the nutshell, money is not just a printed paper, but it has its value.. So, students who are studying with using PTPTN loan should be watch with their expenses.. Thus, by the awareness, students would have a tranquility of life throughout the semester period because they probably dont face this barrier.. That's all..



  1. Good Luck exam... roti lg better dr meggie.. roti pun murah jugak... beli roti sekal bleh makan smpai 5 ari... 2.30 jer..:)

  2. >>botak lambat ag.. Hehe =P