Friday, March 25, 2011

Exam is just around the corner

Day after day, time replaces itself, the examinations are approaching us.. As a 'lazy' student, I started to wake up.. This is the last week of all classes to run... Every one pleasing the bless to their lectures today.. Me too.. Hehe.. I just met with a friend passing by while Im busy typing this post, he was from arabic test.. Huhu, it really puts me into chaostic... I myself feel not so ready to take the tests.. Hahaha, now Im struggling, open exercise books and some references.. Next Tuesday, I'll have a test..

And now, there are so many people in library.. Studying for their final tests.. So do I.. Actually, blogging is also part of my exercise studying English.. Therefore, I have my reason to online. Hahaha. TQ


  1. salam.

    all de best in final!
    Bit Taufik wanNajah.

    bila last paper?


  2. Yes, as long as you blog in english
    good luck kawan

  3. Al-Fakir Hamidi: Syukran ya Akhi Hamidi.. Sedang tersenyum =)

    Najwa Azman: InshaAllah, syukran.. Good luck juga ukhti..