Sunday, May 15, 2011

Turn Away From Hidayah?

My friend had asked me when I share a tazkirah with him about the Rahmah and Hidayah. I've told him, "dont ever let the Hidayah turn away from you once you got it."

He kindly asked me, "How do you know that you've got the Hidayah?"

That time, I just bowed and felt ashame with myself. I replied to him. The past came appear in mind suddenly. Huhu
"When I was school in SMKA, the life was different with other teenagers outside. The sweet of Iman is unforgettable. Living in the tarbiyyah life. You would feel something's going to be wrong if once you didnt pray in jemaah, didnt reciting the Quran, and the tarbiyyah teachs you to have to look after with your attitudes; respecting people and always thinking the hereafter. Plus, the sunnah of Rasulullah is committed into the lifestyle. You would never forget that moment"

People, as for illustration, we are referring to a pendrive. A pendrive 2G with price RM18.00. When the pendrive is good and clean without virus, the owner will take care of it. However, when ever the pendrive derived viruses and give effect to the input files, hence, the owner would throw it to the bin.

This analogy is explaining how human being will assessed by The Almighty: Allah SWT. The value of pendrive is inexpensive, means that we as human comes from the ground and dirty. But, Allah itself raises our level among other creatures. But, we are forgettable, the promises with Him previously to worship on the world always undone. The viruses are referring to our sins, which mean, if we are full with sin, we are no longer useful. Because the intention of our created is to worship to Him. So, when the day of real judgement in the hereafter, man who has full of sins lists, Allah will throw him to the hell.. Nauzubillah.. I'm so sorry if my words are impolitely.

~Mari kita muhasabah diri kita semula, sama ada kita hari ini sudah mengerjakan amalan ibadah wajib atau belum? Sudah ditambah dengan amalan-amalan sunnah atau belum?~

As a guidance, I want to share a tips for us to always remember to perform worship. It's called as "Muta'abah Ibadah".


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