Friday, May 6, 2011

Selling Knowledge?

This is a simple tazkirah I just got it during walking to the mosque before Asar prayer. I've met akhi Fikri, my senior of Nasyeed Club. We just talking about our update activities.

Now, Akhi Fikri is working for part time teaching people reciting Quran. Subhanallah, May Allah bless you. I'm admire with him. He teachs people who are older than him. They themselve have much mannerism, those sometimes make Akhi Fikri got complicated. Huhu. He had sacrifice much money and energy. Taking public transport to go to the place of his need to teach. Every 3 days a week.

Then, I ask him, the payment he get by his job. He said, the payment is around RM300 per month. "Wah, banyak juga tu." That's what had I answered him.

"Hm, tak sangka, dengan ilmu pn kita boleh berbisnes, jual ilmu." Ops! That's my mistake of understanding.

Akhi Fikri reproved. "Kita yang mengajar ilmu, tak pernah menjual ilmu, kerana ilmu Allah yang punya! Dan bayaran yang kita dapat adalah servis yang kita beri dalam menyampaikan ilmu." 

Wor, it's painful. Huhu, but, that was my mistake, talking without thinking literally and I must be adviced by him. Astaghfirullah. He had tazkirah me as a sharing knowledge. Syukran jazillan ya akhi for a short tazkirah.

~~@ The lesson : Everything we do, need to be sincered for Allah. Thus, we'll gain the barakah and rahmah by Him, inshaAllah. Then, I went to the mosque by put a "niyyat Lillah Ta'ala." Hence, please get correct your intention of worshipping.


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