Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanks God, Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

 During listening to music 'Alhamdulillah by Maher Zain'~
         My God! Yes, Allah is my solely god that I make efforts in worship to gain his blessing.. Huhu, I pray to Allah in every after prayer 5 times a day which is compulsory to every mukmin,  praying to Allah: please give us your blessing, please forgive our sins, put us into your heavens and protect us from joining hell member..    

         As a human being, I always feel alone without someone to love. Actually it is newly that I broke up relationship with a girl.. Previous, I really hope that we can end the relationship to the marriage.. Eventhough I was have couple, but we very take care of the limits as a muslim. We have not ever dating..  huhu
        Now I am very happy according to my single status(insyaAllah).. At the early, I was covered by sadness.. I take some times to think the positive of what had happened on me. Yes it is, Allah has gives me a chance to exert to find his love.. yes, Im grateful oh Allah!! Now, I determined to focus on worship and be a good muslim.. I've got a message from a friend that said: "just give your heart to God, surely God will find you the best owner, give your time widely to Allah, Allah will organize your life better". Yes, its a simple message but compact of meaning... It makes me thinking, thinking about my decision.. Yes, if  I continuing my life with worshipping Him and get blessing from Him, Im sure that He will give me a great partner. As what has written in al-Quran : "men of good will get a good women and vice versa SIMILARLY ( Annur : 26)"

      At the same time, I still hoping that Allah arranged for me someone that I really know her very well.. I still hoping that one.. InsyaAllah.. For now, I really want to find my Allah love first.. It might be takes times to change into a good muslim, as I now still feel lacking of knowledge in Islam. I cant be someone who feel enough on my worship.. Allah knowledeges are quite broad even we are effort to collect all of sea in the entire world, still can not be enough by Allah knowleges..

      Thanks oh Allah for gives me many chances and help me to find back your way... "Ihdinassiratol mustaqim ~ show us the right way (Al-fatihah : 6)"..  Alhamdulillah, all praises to Allah..



  1. "Eventhough I was have couple, but we very take care of the limits as a muslim. We have not ever dating.. "

    "Dan janganlah kamu campur adukkan kebenaran dan kebatilan dan (janganlah) kamu sembunyikan kebenaran, sedangkan kamu mengetahuinya. (al-Baqarah :42)

    =) Alhamdulillah, sekarang sudah berjaya